Composite materials are very lightweight, strong and tough. They are highly chemically resistant and unchangeable. For these properties they are often used in space programme and aerospace industry.

We'd like to present which materials are our products made from. These products are built by spreading of a few layers of special fabric one over each other and then they are interconnected by epoxy resin. There is created perfect conjunction between particular layers and their mutual concurrence.

It is possible to change properties of these materials using other processing technology, e.g. vacuuming and thermal modification. Product quality mostly depends on properties of epoxy resin such as toughness, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, hardness etc.

Carbon fibres

Carbon fibre has besides of their perfect properties even very nice appearance and its black texture is often kept as a face layer of final product.

These materials are used for building of ultralight's propellers, parts of space ships, motorbike housings etc.

Aramid fibres

Aramid fibres are made from highly oriented aromatic polyamid. Aramid is very tough material with low compressive strength. It is very sensitive to high temperatures. Fibres are very elastic so this material is used in bullet-proof wear.

Aramid-Carbon fibres

There was created nearly flawless unit by combination of Aramid and carbon fibres. Aramid-Carbon fibres have almost all positive properties of Aramid and carbon.

These fibres are used for building of speedboats, rough-water paddles, parts of ultralight planes etc.

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